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The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, as it is popularly called, is an English Language proficiency test that is required to be taken by non-native students so as to study in countries where the medium of instruction is English. IELTS is accepted by Universities in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. All other study destinations require one to appear for either the TOEFL or the IELTS.

The IELTS is a globally recognised English test. Statistics show that over 1.4 million applicants take the test each year to apply for overseas education and employment. Over 6,000 institutions in 135 countries recognise this test.

The IELTS is conducted in over 500 international centres, four times in a month. A number of people from different backgrounds appear for the test, making it one of the most accepted forms of international testing. This makes it imperative for aspirants to plan a structured preparation before taking the IELTS.

Few reasons why to join our institution to achieve your goal.

  • We have Specialized and trained faculty who are trained with the trainer program by British Council, which help students to secure maximum band in IELTS.
  • Our classes are small, thanks to the 6:1 student/faculty ratio. Teachers are accessible in and outside the classroom. Also, we provide collaborative courses and world-class teaching technique in the Language Preparation and prepare students to face challenges, if required.
  • Because of our emphasis on preparing broad-minded students we have designed programs and courses that meet the need of students at multiple levels.
  • The concentration is open to those who might not have had opportunities for rigorous English or exposure to English Language in high school. At the same time, the program caters to those who dream about getting Best score in first Trial.
  • In-house R&D to ensure up-to-date information on courses and programs.
  • Free Repeat Policy
  • One to One Speaking Practice Daily
  • We understand the level of students during a trial session and accordingly we schedule their classes and guide them.
  • Our Focus is not only on preparing you academically but also boosting up your confidence that will help you to cope up in a new environment.
  • We provide you an exclusive study material.

There are four sub-tests, or modules, to the IELTS test: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students must sit all four sub-tests. While all students take the same Listening and Speaking tests, they sit different Reading and Writing tests, depending on whether they have selected the Academic Module or the General Training Module.

IELTS Listening test: lasts for about 30 minutes. It consists of four sections, played on cassette tape, in order of increasing difficulty. Each section might be a dialogue or a monologue. The test is played once only, and the questions for each section must be answered while listening, although time is given for students to check their answers.

IELTS Reading test: lasts for 60 minutes. Students are given an Academic Reading test, or a General Training Reading test. Both tests consist of three sections, and in both tests the sections are in order of increasing difficulty.

IELTS Writing test: also lasts for 60 minutes. Again, students take either an Academic Module, or a General Training Module. Students must perform two writing tasks, which require different styles of writing. There is no choice of question topics.

IELTS Speaking test: consists of a one-to-one interview with a specially trained examiner. The interview is recorded and has three parts : An introduction and interview, an individual long turn where the candidate speaks for one or two minutes on a particular topic, and a two-way discussion thematically linked to the individual long turn. This interview will last for approximately 11-14 minutes.

Fees and Cost

The IELTS exam fees is Rs. 11,100/-.

More information on IELTS and IELTS fees structure can be obtained from the official websites:

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